“This is the definitive book on networks, friendly enough for anyone to read and serious enough for researchers to find their way. [Newman] is one of the founders and leaders of the field and has updated the book with cutting-edge topics.” — Santa Fe Institute

“This is the definitive book on network science, by one of its most brilliant researchers and graceful expositors. The second edition of Mark Newman’s Networks is clear, comprehensive, and fascinating.” — Steven Strogatz, Department of Mathematics, Cornell University, USA

“This is an excellent textbook by one of the preeminent scholars in the study of networks. I draw heavily from it when teaching my undergraduate course on networks, and I am very pleased to see a new edition of the book. Newman’s clear exposition shines through in this textbook.” — Mason Porter, Department of Mathematics, UCLA, USA

Networks (Second Edition) by Mark Newman

“An extraordinarily comprehensive and clear exposition of network science from one of the giants in the field. Newman succeeds in making accessible to a broad readership even the most technical content.” — Santo Fortunato, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University

Networks accomplishes two key goals: It provides a comprehensive introduction and presents the theoretic backbone of network science. [] The book is balanced in its presentation of theoretical concepts, computational techniques, and algorithms. The level of difficulty increases which each chapter [which] makes the book particularly valuable to physics students who wish to acquire a solid foundation based on their knowledge of basic linear algebra, calculus, and differential equations.” — Physics Today

“Newman has written a wonderful book that gives an extensive overview of the broadly interdisciplinary network-related developments that have occured in many fields, including mathematics, physics, computer science, biology, and the social sciences … Overall, a valuable resource covering a wide-randing field.” — Choice

“Likely to become the standard introductory textbook for the study of networks […] Overall, this is an excellent textbook for the growing field of networks. It is cleverly written and suitable as both an introduction for undergraduate students (particularly Parts 1 to 3) and as a roadmap for graduate students. […] Being highly self-contained, computer scientists and professionals from other fields can also use the book – in fact, the author himself is a physicist. In short, this book is a delight for the inquisitive mind.” — Computing Reviews

“This book brings together, for the first time, the most important breakthroughs in each of these fields and presents them in a coherent fashion, highlighting the strong connections between work in different subject areas.” — CERN Courier



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