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8 Excellent Pretrained Models to get you Started with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Introduction Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications have become ubiquitous these days. I seem to stumble across websites and applications regularly that are leveraging NLP in one form or another. In short, this is a wonderful time to be involved in the NLP domain. This rapid increase in NLP adoption has happened largely thanks to the [...]

Deepmind’s AlphaFold is successful in predicting the 3D structure of a protein making major...

Google’s DeepMind is turning its attention to using AI for science and healthcare. This statement is strengthened by the fact that last month, Google made major inroads into healthcare tech by absorbing DeepMind Health. In August it’s AI was successful in spotting over 50 sight-threatening eye diseases. Now it has solved another tough science problem. [...]

Introducing Databricks Library Utilities for Notebooks

Databricks has introduced a new feature, Library Utilities for Notebooks, as part of Runtime version 5.1. It allows you to install and manage Python dependencies from within a notebook.   This provides several important benefits: Install libraries when and where they’re needed, from within a notebook.  This eliminates the need to globally install libraries on a [...]

A Mathematician’s Perspective on Topological Data Analysis and R

A few years ago, when I first became aware of Topological Data Analysis (TDA), I was really excited by the possibility that the elegant theorems of Algebraic Topology could provide some new insights into the practical problems of data analysis. But time has passed, and the sober assessment of Larry Wasserman seems to describe where [...]

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ArangoDB 3.4 releases with a native search engine, full GeoJSON support, and more

ArangoDB 3.4 has been released today. Major new enhancements include ArangoSearch, a feature which transforms ArangoDB, when combined with traversals or joins in AQL, from a data retrieval to an information retrieval solution.  It also comes with full GeoJSON Support enabled by a Google S2 Geo Index library integration. ArangoSearch This new feature provides a [...]

FoundationDB 6.0.15 releases with multi-region support and seamless failover management

The FoundationDB team released version 6.0.15 of its distributed, NoSQL database, yesterday. FoundationDB 6.0.15 explores new features such as multi-region support, seamless failover management, along with performance changes, and bug fixes. FoundationDB is an open source, multi-model datastore by Apple that lets you store multiple data types in a single database. All data in FoundationDB [...]

Finally, Proof That Quantum Computing Can Boost Machine Learning

Quantum supremacy sounds like something out of a Marvel movie. But for scientists working at the forefront of quantum computing, the hope—and hype—of this fundamentally different method of processing information is very real. Thanks to the quirky properties of quantum mechanics (here’s a nifty primer), quantum computers have the potential to massively speed up certain [...]

Cirq 0.4.0 released for writing quantum circuits

Cirq is a Python library for writing quantum circuits and running them against quantum computers created by Google. Cirq 0.4.0 is now released and is available on GitHub. Changes in Cirq 0.4.0 themes The API is now more pythonic and more consistent with respect to breaking changes and refactoring. The simulation is faster. New functionality [...]